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Steam Generator


Posted by TheAuthor on April 4, 2009

Tips for Choosing a Steam Generator


steam generators

steam generators

Home steam showers are a hot item these days  Thanks to the popularity of residential steam baths, there is a wide selection of steam generators on the market today. For the individual who has made the decision to have all the health benefits of a steam room in the convenience of his or her home, it is time to look into purchasing a steam generator.

Steam generator for residential use is an electrical unit that can be installed nearly anywhere Today’s steam bath generator can be installed by the individual user, making it unnecessary to hire a professional. The majority of generators are set up in a location close in proximity to the steam room, usually no more than twenty-five feet away. They are cased within durable rust resistant materials, but they are not designed to be exposed to high levels of humidity and should not be situated or installed outdoors. Deciding which is the best model for your home can be confusing. Here are a few tips for choosing the best steam generator.

The steam generator unit consists of a tank for holding water, a connection for incoming water, and an outlet for the steam. An electrical element at the bottom of the water tank heats the water, and the size and the electrical rating of this element is a factor in determining how much steam the unit can produce.

The size of the steam room is the most important factor in choosing the right steam generator model. Other considerations include how often the steam bath will be used and the possible locations to install the steam generator. Generators are rated by their output capacity which is measured in cubic feet. This refers to the actual size of the steam bath. Multiplying the height by the width and the length of the enclosure gives the amount of cubic feet. For example, if you have a steam bath which is two feet wide, eight feet long, and eight feet high, the enclosure is 128 cubic feet.

A top quality, up-to-date steam generator should include a thermostat. The thermostat is designed to automatically control the temperature of the steam in order to produce a sufficient supply of steam with the greatest use of energy efficiency. The thermostat will also prevent the steam generator from running unnecessarily, resulting in the extension of its life. Another important feature to look for is a water level indicator with an automatic shut off. In the event that water level has become too low, due to neglect, the shut off mechanism would automatically turn off the generator to prevent overheating which could cause damage to the generator, and to the surrounding area.

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